Civil Engineering Services

Boundary Zone provides the following services for private land development (residential and commercial) projects and public infrastructure improvement projects.  The following are engineering services, and a brief explanation of them provided by BZI’s Land Planning Department:

  • Land Development: collecting existing conditions from properties, and designing proposed improvements horizontal, and vertical alignment.
  • Stormwater Management Design: analyzing and calculating predeveloped drainage patterns and designing post-developed improvements to satisfy local, state, and federal water quality and water quantity requirements.
  • Construction Management services: ensuring that improvements are constructed according to approved Construction documents (Plans and Specifications), and post-developed conditions satisfy the Client’s needs.
  • Quantities Verification: Preparing quantities analyses to determine how much of certain items are required.
  • Cost Estimating: using Quantities Verification analyses to estimate construction materials and labor costs.
  • Value Engineering: ensuring design elements are done efficiently, and cost-effectively to the Client’s budget.
  • Erosion Sedimentation, and Pollution Control design: prepare ES&PC plans to prevent soils from eroding during construction, until post-stabilization.
  • Land Planning: assist Clients with selecting property uses, and designs to maximize their investment.