Lawrenceville Landscape Architecture

Boundary Zone offers landscape services to the residents and businesses of Lawrenceville, GA. Our landscape architects have years of experience and are some of the best in the area. Our designers know how to utilize space to create landscapes that are sure to impress.

Custom Landscape Services

To ensure that all specifications are met, our landscape architects work with engineers to create custom residential and commercial landscapes. Our greatest source of pride comes from taking our clients ideas and bringing them to life. Whatever you’re looking for, Boundary Zone has the tools, experts, and experience needed to make it happen.

Beginning Landscape Development

To begin landscape development, an outline and design of the project must be drawn up by a landscape architect. Both hard (built) and soft (planted) materials will be evaluated to make sure they’ll work with the space and give it the right look. Everything about the landscape will be considered when determining the types of ground cover, foliage, and water features that will be added. Such factors include:

  • Soil
  • Climate
  • Drainage
  • Humidity
  • Geography

Getting the Most Out of Your Landscape

Having a landscape architect design and plan your new landscape arrangement ensures that everything will be structurally sound and work with the local ecology. The experts at Boundary Zone know what grass and foliage will look and work best with the landscape. They can also determine what features are possible and practical options.

Landscape Design Review Process

After everything has been drawn out and finalized, designs will be sent to an architectural review board. This group has the power to approve or deny any and all aspects of the intended design. Having a professional landscape architect will help ensure that this review process goes smoothly and comes back with the desired results.

To hire one of our Lawrenceville landscape architects, give us a call at 770-271-5772 or fill out our online contact form.

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