Cobb County Land Surveying Services

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

Commercial Site Surveys

Our ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys are highly detailed to provide the title company and lender with the necessary information to insure the title to the land and for the funding of the project. We provide exceptional service and quick turnaround. The Land Title Surveys are typically provided within a two weeks. Allow Boundary Zone to manage your land surveyor Cobb County GA needs!

Key Benefits:

  • The Title Insurance Company will supply a Title Commitment that reflects any land title issues.
  • Our property surveys are performed in accordance with the standards set by the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping.
  • All matters of the Title Commitment will be addressed and reflected on the plat of survey.

Boundary Surveys Cobb County

Commercial and Residential Boundary Surveys

The Boundary Surveys are performed to identify the boundary lines of a property. Understanding these boundary lines is important for building improvements on the property. Our Cobb land surveyors are here to provide you with your boundary surveys.

Key Benefits:

  • Each Survey is performed in accordance with the standards of practice established by Georgia’s Governing Authority.
  • All Boundary corners will be marked for your use in understanding the boundary lines of the property.
  • A drawing of the survey will be provided for your records and future use.

Cobb Topographic Surveys

Elevations & Contours of a Site

Topographic Surveys will be performed to show the contours and elevations of the land.

Key Benefits:

  • Topography may be incorporated with Boundary or ALTA Surveys.
  • Information is provided in a format usable for engineering site design.
  • Topographic surveys are field run to the accuracies required for the project.

Construction Staking Surveys

Construction Layout and Calculations

Constructing Staking Services are provided to help contractors determine the proper layout of construction actives on the site they are building.

Key Benefits:

  • A checking process will spot any possible errors from plans or field work before they are constructed.
  • Next day service on existing projects.Calculations and Staking provided by a Professional Cobb Land Surveyor.
  • Calculations and Staking provided by a Professional Cobb Land Surveyor.

As-Built Surveys

As-Built Conditions of a Site After Construction

We perform As-Built Surveys to record the site conditions after construction is completed.

Key Benefits:

  • Surveys will be performed to the standards required by the Cobb regulating authority.
  • A Drawing is submitted to the client for review and submittal.
  • Electronic copies can also be provided for your records and future use.

FEMA Elevation Certificates Cobb County

Elevation Certificates for Flood Insurance

Elevation Certificates provide floor elevations for your Home or Building.

Key Benefits:

  • These documents provide the elevations of the building’s structures.
  • Certificates help insurance companies and banks understand the risk they are insuring or financing.
  • Provides flood zone determination designed by FEMA

Alcohol Surveys Cobb County

Survey for an Alcohol Permit Application

Alcohol Surveys are required by Cobb County as part of the permit application for a business or restaurant to sell wine, beer or other types of alcohol.

Key Benefits:

  • Determines if your site acts in accordance with the distance requirements created by the Cobb County governing entity.

Permitting and Research

Residential Permitting and Deed Research Services

Obtain and submit documentation for issuance of Building Permits, Variance Applications, Certificates of Occupancy, Lot consolidation and Lot Division.

Key Benefits:

  • Plan and documentation review prior to submittal adds an additional layer of proofing the submitted material for any mistakes or omissions
  • “In-house” advantage of preparing Site Plans, Boundary Surveys and other documentation required by the respective jurisdictions, that reduces the length of the process and eliminates miscommunications addressing the Cobb County, GA reviewer’s concerns and request faster and more accurate
  • Keeping up to date with the current code requirements for new construction, addition, remodeling and dividing property into smaller tracts.

Landscape Architecture

Plans and designs necessary for landscape development

Landscape architects work with civil engineers and contractors to design residential and commercial landscapes. Many factors are taken into consideration in order for proper development.

Key Benefits:

  • Ensures development is environmentally sound.
  • Designs are tailored to customers’ needs.
  • Our team of landscape architects have a proven track record providing exceptional services to a wide range of clients.

Residential Site Plans

Plans required as part of the building permitting process

Site plans are required by Cobb, GA when constructing new homes or additions on existing lots.

Key Benefits:

  • Conforms to site plan requirements of the governing authority.
  • Includes boundary, topographic and tree surveys for the site.
  • We are GWSCC Level 2 Certified Design Professionals.

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