Boundary Zone, Inc., is a professional landscaping, landscape architecture, and civil engineering firm. With over 30 years combined experience and 16 years as a business, we are your go-to for all civil engineering needs. Our civil engineering service allows us to specialize in civil site design and stormwater management. Serving Atlanta, Georgia, and the surrounding areas, we offer (new construction) residential and commercial civil engineering services. We function as a developmental partner through the design, conceptual, and construction phases of your building project. Boundary Zone ensures that you are prepared and, more importantly,  in compliance with erosion control and other various inspections. Each project receives personal attention and communication, a clear-cut presentation of solutions, and attention to the bottom line.


Civil Engineering Services:

Civil engineering
Drainage Design
Conceptual/Due Diligence
Construction Site Preparation
Parking Lot Planning and Design
Civil site design engineering
Stormwater Design and Permitting
Land Disturbance Permits
Engineering Planning Feasibility Reports


Erosion Control Services:

Drainage engineering
Hydrology studies
Erosion control services
Stormwater engineering

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