Blower door tests:

Blower door tests are a vital part of new home construction that allows builders to get a certificate of occupancy so they may sell the home. The more airtight a house is, the less energy is needed to cool and heat the home. At least for the long term.

  • Inspections for envelope tightness and HVAC units
  • Residential NEW homes
  • Energy testing
  • Duct Envelope Tightness

Building Envelope Tightness Information:

  • Air changes per hour
  • Higher exchange of outside air with inside air
  • Stops the intake of air with fire foam helps with envelope tightness
  • Total leakage of the unit-specific amount – 6% leakage
  • Required on new home construction or on remodels with a minimum 50% change
  • Testing duct blasters
  • For home builders and new home companies (typically ordered by superintendents)

Benefits of Blower Door Testing

  • Homeowners can get power companies to team up with them for energy audits
  • Only generally takes an hour or so
  • Acquire Certificate of occupancy for new homes
  • Identify hidden leaks (where you are losing energy) that would otherwise not been found

Energy Zone is a division of Boundary Zone