Atlanta Alcohol License Surveys

Any establishment in Atlanta that intends to sell alcohol, be it beer, wine, or spirits will, by law be required to obtain an alcohol license. In order to get said license a business must first get an Atlanta alcohol license survey. An alcohol license survey is a requirement that goes with the application for selling alcohol on the premises. It includes all pertinent information that may be required by the regulating authorities.

Information Required

Information Required Pertinent information from the survey will determine that your establishment or building is in a proper or viable location for selling or serving alcohol. This information may include, but is not limited to:

  • Building location
  • Size of the building
  • Distance away from churches, treatment centers, schools, parks, or other alcohol selling/serving establishments.
  • Building access, major streets/highways, and directional facing
  • Various other elements

Service Offered

Requirements can vary by state, city, county, or any type of municipality. In fact, the only thing that remains consistent no matter where you are is that you must have a survey to apply for licensing. Other issues that may need surveys are done by Boundary Zone in Atlanta. Services such as:

  • Real estate closings
  • Boundary surveys for large acreage
  • Topography maps
  • Liquor license surveys
  • Elevation certificates
  • Staking for construction
  • Rezoning plats
  • As-built surveys

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If you’re looking to open an establishment that will require a liquor license, you must first get the property surveyed for liquor distribution. Call Boundary Zone for all of your surveying needs. Boundary Zone has been serving Atlanta and the surrounding counties and municipalities for over 20 years with great customer service and surveying capabilities.

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