Alcohol Beverage License Surveys Raleigh, NC

If you own a commercial establishment and want to use it to sell alcohol, it’s very likely that your local jurisdiction mandates that you obtain an alcoholic beverage license survey before you can apply for an alcohol license. Alcohol licenses are issued by municipalities such as cities or counties and allow an establishment to sell alcoholic beverages to retail customers.

Boundary Zone knows the regulations and requirements regarding alcohol sales in Raleigh, NC. We can prepare an alcohol survey that will meet the standards of the city so that you can begin selling alcoholic beverages.

Why Do I Need an Alcoholic Beverage License Survey?

The sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages is carefully regulated by local and state governments. For instance, many jurisdictions do not allow bars or liquor stores to be within a certain radius of a school or church.

So to make sure that those who want to sell alcohol do so under the rules set up by local authorities, many municipalities require establishments to receive an alcoholic beverage survey by a registered surveyor. If the surveyor finds that your establishment does not violate any codes or zoning rules, you’ll be permitted to apply for an alcohol license.

What Does an Alcohol Beverage License Survey Entail?

Alcoholic beverage license surveys take into account the dimensions of your property and building(s) as well as the surrounding area. What’s included on your survey map will depend on the requirements of the local jurisdiction. Surveys may include:

  • The location of your establishment in relation to schools, churches, parks, treatment centers and/or other alcohol-licensed establishments.
  • Boundary lines of your property and the dimensions of your establishment.
  • Access points to your building, including proximity to major streets or highways.
  • Any other location information required by local authorities to approve you for an alcohol license.

Why Choose Boundary Zone?

Boundary Zone has assisted hundreds of individuals obtain the necessary paperwork to sell alcohol. We work hard to provide our clients with professional, prompt, and accurate service.

To schedule an alcohol beverage license survey, please contact us at 770-271-5772 or by filling out our short contact form.

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