Landscape Architecture

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Typically landscape designing or architecture will be used for larger houses, manor estates or commercial needs. In order to start any type of landscape development the outline and design of the project must be the implemented by a landscape architect. The designers at Boundary Zone will determine how space is maximized, utilized and put together so that it will be structurally and aesthetically sound. Both hard (built) and soft (planted) materials will be evaluated to get the most out of the desired space. Factors such as soil, climate, drainage, humidity and geography all go into determining which types of ground cover, foliage and potential water features will be included in the new landscape.


Ensure Your Landscape is Environmentally Sound

By having a landscape architect or landscape designer configure your new landscape arrangement it will be conducive to local ecology and environment. The experts at Boundary Zone will not plant tropical plants in locales prone to cold weather nor will they do the opposite. We take into account all factors to exploit the best possible scenario for now and the future of your landscape.

Designs Tailored to Your Needs

Our landscape architects work with civil engineers to create flawless residential and commercial landscapes custom designed to your specifications. Our designers will take your ideas and bring them to life, literally and figuratively. Whatever your needs, Boundary Zone can enable you to have the landscape that will compliment your curb appeal best.

What Landscape Architects Do

The work of landscape architects involves master planning for new developments, land assessments and landscape evaluations. Generally landscape architects are concerned with the scenic, ecological and recreational aspects of landscape design and overall land use. Various aspects of landscape architecture may focus on things such as storm water management, sustainable architecture and nature preserves.

Final Designs and Implementation

Though your company may like everything that is shown to you it will need to be presented to an architectural review board or something similar. This group will approve or deny all aspects of the intended design and what company is to implement it.


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